Susan Brearley

Property Manager

Sue Brearley joined our team in November 2014 as a Senior Commercial Property Manager. She has a vast background in Commercial, Marketing and Regional & Sub Regional Shopping Centre Management.

She has extensive experience in commercial sales, leasing, development, redevelopment and corporate enterprise rebranding. She brings to the team a great deal of understanding and expertise in all aspects of commercial real estate having worked for Byvan, AMP, Stockland Group, Centro and the Coles Group during her career.

She is a very ‘hands on’ commercial property manager and prides herself on being able to turn any negative into a positive.

One of her many achievements was during the complete development of Stockland Bateman’s Bay as the centre manager she ensured that all the retail tenants were still operating after 12 months of the opening of the shopping centre.

“I certainly believe in New Years resolutions for work and this year I will be focusing on finding new tools and procedures to improve time management. I would also like to focus on my people skills particularly when it comes to negotiating and defusing difficult situations.”

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