New tenants bringing fresh cultural scene to Broadbeach

New tenants bringing fresh cultural scene to Broadbeach

By Amy Rose Gilltrap on Aug 01 2018

LJ Hooker Commercial Gold Coast has received several enquiries from tenants about leasing shops in Broadbeach especially along the once booming Surf Parade during the past month. 

Principal and Managing Director Anna Tooma says this indicates that future tenants see the potential in opening and operating businesses in this area because of the continuously evolving infrastructure and construction, population growth, G:Link access, beautiful scenery, recent upgrades to Surf Parade and simply because it has always been known as a Gold Coast hotspot for locals and tourists alike.
“We are seeing a trend in current leasing enquiries are coming from bar owners, restaurateurs and franchise owners which strongly indicates a resurgence in the thriving cultural scene of Broadbeach with an exciting fresh new twist,” said Ms Tooma.
Agent Derek J Wallbridge, Executive Retail Agent, from LJ Hooker Commercial Gold Coast has secured the 5 plus 5-year restaurant lease located at the Phoenician complex, due to open within the month.
Elle Gencer said the restaurant is named Alachati, which is a town on the Aegean Sea, well-known for its delicious and unique cuisine - Simple, delicious food for sharing!
“This kind of share breakfast, lunch and dinners is a first for this type of dining experience on the Gold Coast which will attract patrons to the area,” said Gencer.
“Eating meze is a social activity; it’s chatting with friends around the table for hours on end, helping yourself to Mediterranean dishes and tearing off chunks of fresh Turkish bread and dipping it into range of dips and salads.
“It’s drinking together, sharing hot, as well as cold incredible dishes with family and friends.
“It’s a totally different experience.  Going out to a destination restaurant where you spend hours listening to music, nibbling, dipping, savouring and sharing."