Anna Steps Up To Property Plate

Anna Steps Up To Property Plate

By Amy Rose Gilltrap on Aug 01 2018

Anna Tooma has used her extraordinary inner strength and tenacity to take on the position as Director and Owner LJ Hooker Surfers Paradise since the tragic and unexpected loss of husband and high-profile agent Tony Tooma six months ago, all while she was fighting an aggressive cancer.

Mrs Tooma was undergoing radiotherapy last July for breast cancer when Mr Tooma suffered a heart attack and died during a ‘normal everyday bike ride’ near their home on Hedges Avenue.
Despite the shock and grief Mrs Tooma and her family suffered she stepped up to the plate days later by drawing upon her determination and experience.
Upon taking on her new role she is now the Gold Coast’s most influential women in the property industry.
“Suddenly so much was happening and I had to use all I had in my inner strength and background as a marketing professional to get through it and run the business,” said Mrs Tooma.
“I’ve always been involved in the business as CFO but not in the everyday running of it.”
“It was really hard in many ways because all the while I was grieving for Tony.”
Mrs Tooma has long been a serious player in the world of marketing on the Gold Coast working on significant tourism and property developments to include Fisherman’s Wharf, Paradise Centre and Chevron Renaissance.  She started out working for the big names in property including Jim Raptis, Eddie Kornhauser and Adriadne.
Despite the heartache and battling cancer Mrs Tooma has been the driving force behind a tremendous team of 30 staff who have all worked to make the business more and more successful.
“We are finding that there are many more international clients especially in the Chinese Market, so to accommodate we have staff that are fluent in a variety of languages,” said Mrs Tooma.
“There has been a demand for more staff as the business is growing. We have achieved so much this year already, the future of LJ Hooker Surfers Paradise is looking very bright and there are many areas ready for expansion,” said Mrs Tooma.